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Players Edge
2015 Spring Tournament Team
Great weekend for the boys winning the Harrow Memorial Day Tournament in Boston!!
After an opening lose 5-4, Team Players Edge reeled off 3 straight to end the round robin phase at 3-1 (8-2, 8-2, 7-5 wins) and the #3 seed for playoffs.
Monday was "playoff day" with games of 1 period, 25 mins only.  Quarter final game was the fast start we needed in short games and the final was 4-0.  In the semi's, a rematch with the same team that handed us our only lose.  Down 1-0 with minutes left, we score to tie it and send it into overtime!  After a scoreless 5 mins of 5 vs 5, we head into 2ot with 4 vs 4.  About 2 mins in, we score a PP goal to win it! 
The final was an end to end game with neither team scoring in the first 18 mins, but we finally put on away to take a 1-0 lead.  After a hard charge by Top Shelf Hockey, including a PP with mins left, we hang on for the victory and champions of the tourney!!  Great goaltending, timely scoring and awesome D allowed our team to go 6-1 and take home the trophy!  Great job boys!

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