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Players Edge is a skills camp!
Our Camps are ALWAYS Full Day! 
Your child will leave our week of camp stronger in their skating, stickhandling, passing, shooting and overall knowledge of the game.
As we enter our 31st Summer, our goal remains the same, to bring one of the best hockey experiences to your child in your rink!
To challenge them to lift their individual skills and apply them to game situations, at game speeds.
If you want your child to get the skills needed to be a better hockey player/goalie, then PLAYERS EDGE is your ONLY camp for the Summer!! 
 We see many "Drill" camps out there.  Hours of drill work, battles, scrimmages but very little instruction on technique to be sure the drills they're doing have correct technique or how they apply to the game.
Players Edge limits the number of camps we conduct each summer to be sure you get our very best Instructors.
Instructors that have not only played or coached at a high level, more importantly, can teach the skills needed for the game to every level of player in our camps.

Our groups are broken into 3 or 4 smaller ones, placing players within groups of like age or abilities. 
Our priority is to keep the players moving, not standing in lines. 
The more repetition, the better chance for correction by our staff and confidence/improvement in our players.

Every player and goaltender is given a Report Card prepared by their Head Instructor. 
It includes on and off ice test scores, radar of their shooting, video analysis from the week, a coaches report and player self-evaluation. 

Each student receives a great sublimated Players Edge jersey with their name and favorite number and camp t-shirt!
This camp is not for the very beginner.  We work a great deal on the individual skills needed to become a better player and goalie, but 
at least one year of instructional or In House hockey and the ability to freely skate and handle a puck is needed for camp.

Day Camps 2019 

Jacksonville, FL    
June 1-5, 2020 (All Levels) 
Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex
Players - $450.00   
Goalies - $100.00   

Olive Branch, MS       
June 8-12, 2020 (All Levels) 
Mid-South Ice House
Players - $425.00   
Goalies - $100.00  

Carmel, IN  
June 15-19, 2020 (All Levels)
Ice Skadium  
Players - $425.00   
Goalies - $100.00  

Aston, PA   
June 22-26, 2020 (All Levels) 
Ice Works
Players - $425.00  
Goalies - $150.00  

Newark, DE  4-Day Camp   
June 29-July 2 2020 
Patriot Ice 
Players - $340.00 
Goalies - $100.00   

City TBA  
July 6-10, 2020 
Players - $425.00 
Goalies - $100.00   

Bloomington, IL  
July 13-17, 2020 (All Levels)                      
Pepsi Ice Center        
Players - $425.00 
Goalies - $100.00

Nashville, TN   
July 20-24, 2020 (All levels) 
Centennial Sportsplex 
Players - $425.00  
Goalies - $275.00  

Camp Schedules


Schedules vary by city..Check with office for your camp
(always a morning drop off and afternoon pick up)

PLAYERS EDGE staff will put players into smaller groups according to their age and skill level.  On the first day of camp, we will evaluate each player to be sure they are in the correct group. 

Session 1 On-Ice:
Focus on Powerskating and individual skills.  Each morning we focus on a different aspect of skating and individual skills such as passing, shooting, and stickhandling.

Session 2 On-Ice:
Focus on team oriented skills such as 1 on 1's, 2 on 1's, 2 on 2's and battle drills.  Each afternoon, time is devoted to scrimmage.  Each day the amount of scrimmage time is increased.

Dryland Training:
Each session of dryland is geared towards hand/eye coordination, foot speed or movement drills.  We use stations such as Powerchutes, bungee pulls, slide boards, medicine balls, weighted pucks, Russian Jump Boxes and more.  We also use team games such as team handball to promote passing and constant movement.

Classroom is used to show players video of themselves in skill and drill work.  These video sessions are run by one of our Major Instructors and each player is corrected on any mistakes or given encouragement on skill they are doing well.

Each player is given a Coaches Report Card on the final day of camp.  It contains on and off ice testing results the players are put through during the week, video analysis from their classroom sessions, radar scores from their shooting, a "self-evaluation", and coaches comments.
It is a complete week of learning, fun and hard work.  Each Student will leave our camp a better player or goalie!

Camp Application:

Please fill out application page completely. Read all terms of camp balance, refund policy and family discounts.

You will recieve a confirmation email within 24 hours, (check junk files as well) 

Summer Camp applications must include a $100.00 non-refundable payment to be accepted.  There are NO FULL REFUNDS If you need to cancel 30 days or more prior to camp, a refund less $100 will be issued.  Any cancellations within 30 days are ONLY subject to a credit. If you are a "no show" without cancellation, you forfeit all credit.

1st member of family is full price, other members of the same family will receive a 10% family discount. 

FULL equipment is required for camp.

15% is the maximum discount for any groups including family members.


Player/Goalie Information:

Player Name:

Parent Names:

Email Address:






Cell Phone:

Player DOB:


Jersey Information:

Current Team and Level:

Jersey Size (please order correct size for camp date, if not sure, go up one size...once they are numbered, they cannot be exchanged without charge):

(Choose from Youth M & L - Adult S, M, L, XL, or Goalie)

Jersey Number:

Student Height and Weight:

T-Shirt Size:

Choose Your Camp:


Jacksonville, FL (June 1-5, 2020)
Olive Branch, MS (June 8-12, 2020)
Carmel, IN (June 15-19, 2020)
Aston, PA (June 22-26, 2020)
Newark, DE (June 29-July 2, 2020) 4-Day Camp
Bloomington, IL (July 13-17, 2020)
Nashville, TN (July 20-24, 2020)


Choose Your Position


Payment Method:

Credit Card users include all 16 numbers (xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx), exp. date and 3 digit security code

$100 deposit is minimum required with all Camp applications.

Sending Check (confirmation will be emailed but spot is not held until check is received)

Credit Card Number:

Exp. Date:

3 Digit Security Number:

Amount to Charge Today:

10% off from attending December, 2019 Shooting Clinic

Group Discount Information:

To qualify for Team Discount, ALL applications must arrive together by mail or within a few days online.  Our office cannot give team discounts to single applications (unless a group has already signed up).  If your group or team is interested, please email list of those participating to our office.  Groups can add more players at any time. 
$100 deposit needs to be included with all group applications, discount will be applied to balance owed the first day of camp. 15% is the maximum discount including family members when combined in a group.  If group falls below minimum prior to camp, remaining applications will be charged full price.


Coach Name and Team for group:

10 Players in a group (15% off)

By clicking the "submit" button you agree to all terms of the application including your permission to charge the provided Credit Card for deposit and/or final payment for camp.  You also read and agree to all terms of cancellation and refunds of any missed camp.