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Checking/Battle Clinic - Newark, DE
The Pond
Dates to be determined
 $75 for the 3 hours

Instructors: Mark Catron and other qualified Coaches from our area


This Clinic is for all players who are eligible for Checking.  That includes Bantams, Midgets, Middle and High School players.  We will cover all aspects of giving and taking a check properly and safely.  We will also cover situations around the boards and in front of the net for both offensive and defensive players. Also puck protection for both attacking and defending players, as well as, battle situations....all with instruction and correction!
We will pair up players of like size, skill and age.  Great for those who want to learn to do it properly and for those already in checking who want to improve technique or work on situations.

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Payment Method

Credit Card users include all 16 numbers (xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx), exp. date and 3 digit security code located on the back of your card.  A payment of $75 is required with Application.

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